Innovative Technology

Solatube Daylighting Systems use a proprietary capture-transfer-deliver process that brings the optimal amount of natural light into building interiors. By combining breakthrough optical technologies with progressive engineering, our products deliver powerful performance for any application.

Maximized Capture

Efficient Transfer

Controlled Delivery


Engineered Optics

Engineered Optics

Advanced optical domes capture daylight using proprietary rooftop technologies that harvest low-angle morning, afternoon, and winter daylight to increase light output.

Low Maintenance

Worry-free installation thanks to self-mounted flashings and a full selection of durable flashings ensures leak-proof, hassle-free installations on virtually any roof type and pitch.




99.7% reflectivity means more sunlight, farther



Move through the attic space with ease thanks to 0-90 degree flexibility and overcome construction limitations.


Cool Tube Technology: The proprietary material used in Solatube reflectors and tubing filters out heat-infused infrared rays. Minimal heat with maximum light.


Connect to Nature

Bring the outdoors in: View the blue sky and the change of sunrise and sunset.

Integrated Design

Integrated Design

Our specially designed optical lenses evenly distribute daylight throughout the area with low glare and high visual comfort.

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