Big Tubes for Big Spaces

The SkyVault Series, Model M74DS-O high-output Tubular Daylighting Device delivers massive amounts of daylight to large volume spaces with high, open ceilings while reducing on center spacing for fewer roof penetrations.

The SkyVault Series gives building designers a Solatube daylighting solution that delivers maximum output while minimizing the impact on the building envelope and significantly reducing installation costs.

Solatube M74 SkyVault

Solatube M74 DS


The base unit combines advanced dome and tube optics with a Prismatic Diffuser. It distributes light evenly, increasing illumination on high walls and ceiling planes. Ideal for floor to diffuser heights of 5,5 m – 8 m.

Tube Size ≈ 740 mm

Potential Tube Length ≈ 30 m

SkyVault M74 DS with Amplifier

Solatube M74 DS with Amplifier


This model pairs the base unit with the SkyVault Amplifier. It delivers focused light over greater distances to the visual task plane and reduces light high up on walls and loss at the roof/ceiling plane. The M74 DS with Amplifier is ideal for floor to diffuser heights of 8 m and up.

Solatube SkyVault M74 DS with Collector

Solatube M74 DS with Collector


This model combines the base unit with the SkyVault Collector. It features Raybender® 3000 and LightTracker Reflector Technologies which increase low-angle light capture for powerful performance. This option is ideal for floor to diffuser heights of 8 m and up where maximum levels of daylight illumination are desired.




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