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Daylighting, the illumination of buildings through natural light, is a useful tool that helps people stay focused and productive. When you design your structures, think of incorporating daylighting to help your customers stay on task and in good health. Daylighting has the added benefits of being affordable, energy-efficient and structurally sound.

Solatube® designs daylighting devices for both residential and commercial structures. These devices assist you in bringing light into dark and shaded places. Many buildings do not let in enough natural light for workers. Other times, the glare from the sun is so strong that people must keep blinds closed or shades drawn.

Daylighting systems act to capture natural light from roofs. They reintroduce the natural light into residential and office spaces with tubes and reflective materials. People can adjust the system to let in as much or as little extra light as is needed. Daylighting systems can be placed at many spots in a ceiling. They do not negatively affect the roof during installation. Solatube® International, Inc., which has been in business for over 20 years, designs a wide variety of innovative daylighting systems.

Daylighting increases productivity and comfort

Daylighting systems have a number of health benefits. Daylight exposure promotes health and well-being. Exposure to natural light during the work week encourages people to exercise more. In addition, daylight has a positive effect on an individual’s mood, alertness and metabolism. The studies on daylight exposure examine receiving light during natural daylight hours. The key to benefiting from daylight exposure is working during the day. Learn more about the technology behind Solatube® lighting systems to understand how the tubes work even on cloudy days.

Daylight is important to maintaining circadian rhythm

Daylighting systems help workers improve sleeping and wakefulness patterns by allowing workers to maintain regular circadian rhythms. Daylighting systems can also help workers get over 45 minutes more sleep. In addition, the systems promote regular circulation and blood flow.

Solatube® lighting systems are particularly beneficial for individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The systems help individuals get the additional amount of bright light that they need. Our daylighting system disperses bright light around a living or work space with a diffuser. With the additional light, individuals are not as prone to depression.

Daylighting contributes to savings in energy costs

Daylighting systems save energy. They help a building not to be overlit and establish a light level appropriate for the space. The light let in through a daylighting system is sunlight, free energy with no charge. In addition, daylighting systems are adjustable. An individual can determine the size, number and location of openings. Daylighting systems have thermal insulation. They are designed to minimise heat loss or gain. They may also qualify a building for LEED certification or a green building designation.

Contact your local daylighting expert to find the right Solatube® product for your projects.

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